Dream Stealers

Have you ever question what do you want to do in life that makes you happy for YOURSELF? If you haven’t please do it. I assure you once you have a straight cut simple goal of what exactly you want in life, things get easier and you will be more optimistic.

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Who are the dream stealers exactly? Dream stealers are the people who make you believe that you’ll never reach your dreams. They’re the people that encourage you to play it safe: to get a nice safe job, to marry the first nice person you meet, to vacation near your location and for that, mine would be only around Asia. Anything beyond Asia, people try to stop me to go further. Does this sound a lot like your parents or close friends/cousins or maybe your spouse? That’s not surprising because family members are often the top offenders when it comes to dream stealing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to brainwash you to say your family members are always at wrong. What I’m trying to tell you instead is that they did that for a reason. MOST of the time people who are close to you stop you from doing something normal and beyond comfort zone because of 2 reason.

For the concerned dream stealers it is often people who love you so much that they can’t stand to see you FAIL. Notice this failure is always a big NO NO in our family reputation.They want you to have a nice, safe, and SECURE life. They truly have your best wishes at heart but don’t understand that for you to be happy you have to reach for your dreams. Got it? I bet there are already some people in your mind. 😀

And then there are the jealous dream stealers who are the people that life has passed by. They gave up any opportunity to live THEIR dreams and they can’t stand to see you succeed where they failed. Sounds familiar? Know and identify this people.

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So do you have cheerleaders or do you have dream stealers in you life? It is more difficult when you’re emotionally and financially tied down. Usually a partner or parents who question your decision to pursue further studies or to work on a job that have high level of security are RISKY. As mention at my previous post. The word ‘safe’ is now the new at risk. CLICK HERE.Pursuing your dreams is a lot easier when the people that you care about simply offer you encouragement and wish you Godspeed.

SO moral of the story, GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS. Before making any rational decision making when you apply something new or something out of your comfort zone, don’t get those close to you change that decision. People usually condemned things that they don’t understand. It occurs to me before but I know what I want. So go out there and be YOU.

How to accelerate your dreams? First shut up keep your mouth shut! Really simple as that.Most dreams get stolen because we share our dreams with the wrong people. We hope that they’ll be as excited as we are about what we hope to accomplish with our lives, but too often we’re disappointed and they steal our dreams. Two share your success and not your failures. Everytime you succeed it makes you believe in your dream a little bit more and gives you that much more confidence. And when you share your successes with the dream stealers, it takes away their power. Don’t share your failures because then the dream stealers take that as validation of their opinion that you’ll never succeed. Lastly, plan exactly how to defense your dreams. Be honest and that is usually the more powerful comeback.

With that I hope you make the right decision making and go out there and be a DREAM CHASER. Love Mimi




Hi. Six months prior to the changing life moment, I was just that kid that work hard and waiting for an end month pay. Living paycheck to paycheck.I was just someone who always thought a job is the safest way out of life. My career track was on track. Everything is running smoothly. People in my industry does not make much trouble in my working life.But hey! People change. You are what you read and you are what you mix with. I believe in life we have the choice to choose a pavement that make us happy. Not just following the pavement because it’s the right thing to do. There is something inside us waiting to just come out from that wall we build for years! Just to hold on a ‘reputation’, people’s expectation or simply because it is just ‘safe’.

The word ‘safe’ is now risky. You know if you just get by doing what everyone does, you are technically not being yourself? If you don’t do something about your dream, someone WILL build theirs and make you work for it. Isn’t it insane. No matter what profession you are at, you may love the job but the job may hate you. In times when recession comes, what are your next move?

Anyway,self checked.Doing a lot of soul searching. Finding the right friends that can make me move forward. Yes it’s frustrating. Even friends who understand you,it does not matter how long you have known each other but when you want to change, most of the time the people close to you may resist it. Your parents,your spouse, your siblings and your best friend. They will always or usually tell you that life is blablbla. Avoid doing this, Avoid doing that.

I finally came to term, why should I care so much on what they restrict me to do,it’s MY life anyway. So, like what Richard Branson once said, “SCREW IT! JUST DO IT!” Loveeee this short tagline. And SO, I have been doing a lot of research on how to get extra income out of my job. IF you want to know more about that kindly email me at the respective email address on my profile section. Talk about self development and here it goes. Welcome to MY BLOG. 😀


Informative Age

Hi i’m back! I know I’m new, i have neglected my blog for a couple of weeks. But I am here to say I’m sorry. After reviewing my blog for quite sometime, I notice the language that I have used. With that, I’m sorry for the lack of simple english or chunky information.

This is a continuation of what I post previously. With regards of information age, if you have not known by now, this is the era of computers and technology. We have a system build with sophistication either in or out of our life. Why is this important? Here’s why.

Information age is no longer a base whereby qualification matters.You know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t. Simple.

Take this for an example, when you took out your smartphones what do you see? Apps right? So have you ever wondered how people actually create the apps? Have you ever wondered the skeleton behind how apps were design to make it simple for us users to get connected with people internationally? Or what makes an app so popular like whatsapp that it becomes so influential to our everyday life? Like I have mention earlier, you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t.

Now let me put it this way, do you need a degree to build a good apps? No. Do you need a teacher to say that your apps is wrong or right? The answer is no. Do you even need a grading system to say that your apps deserve an A grade or B grade? The ans is no again.

You see, the word “education” comes from the word “educe”. It means to “draw out, to develop”. Education is a process of discovery. It is not a process of sitting on a chair, memorizing and then regurgitating what you have just memorized or read/heard from the teacher. I think that would be considerably considered as brainwashing.

True education is drawing out the information so that student learn through their own discovery process. Most of the informative stuffs that or a money making idea is made out of the blue, something someone thought of outside the box and wala… You become an instant millionaire. Of coursewith determination and hard work too.I shall go deeper on that topic maybe in my future post.

SO now here is my take. If we keep blaming the economy, the government or the tax payer for the insufficient jobs, or competitive rat race, then it is our fault that we are still stuck in zone of mediocrity. In order for us to move forward and withstand this amount of abundance in life we either change ourselves or don’t. It’s all back to the mindset. I can go on and on about this but here is the choice, which would you prefer, changing yourself to change the surrounding to  your needs, or changing the surrounding and then maybe if you get lucky you can change too?

Lotsa love from MIMI.

Informative Vs Industrial age thinking

Take responsibility for your finances – or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your choice – Robert T. Kiyosaki (The Business of the 21st Century, )

information age

Why is it so important to me? Will this affect me in some way?Yes it is important if you are bored and had enough of the rat race, Yes it affects everybody in this planet. So What is industrial age? What is informative age? How do I make justice to this? Before anything in hand you need to understand first what is industrial age. It’s all back to the mindset. Btw I have blogged about the fixed mindset peripheral and ways to avoid it, here

Industrial Age Mentality 

Industrial age is basically the art of knowing back the history of the world. I’m here not to preach but to send a message to everyone. Basically you have to got to go to the basic before being all analytic about something.


Industrial age:

(A) There was a shift from rural (country) regions to urban regions. This population shift is known as urbanization. The reasons for urbanization was because where the work is made available. Urban centers were traditionally founded near waterways, this provided them with easy sources of labor (immigrants) and shipping. So…

(B) Factories began to replace small villages industries. As the population grew, as a human being the wants and needs increases. People needs became necessities.So,manufacturers realized that bulk production was cheaper, more efficient and provided the quantity of items needed. As a result more and more factories sprang up. More jobs were created!

(C) As more and more people get into a JOB, the demand to survive is no longer the want for many people. They want to taste luxury, while more factories were build up still and more jobs were created. An era of relatively high developing economics, the period between 1760-1850 is for many academics. SO the key to unlock the secrets of economic growth, technological change, and economic development was basically go to school,get good grades, get into a tertiary school and take up degree and get a high salary!


Lil did we know, time is changing. World war have created a much revolutionize world to live in, after the second world war, the army came back to their homeland. They got soooo much free time (just adding some humor to this :D), so they have sex most of the time and created the era of BABY BOOMERS! BAMMM. That comes to the next definition 



Informative age: As said in the dictionary.com it is a period beginning about 1975 and characterized by the gathering and almost instantaneous transmission of vast amounts of information and by the rise of information-based industries. Informative age is vastly changing because of these great creator of the internet Robert E. Kahn an electrical engineer and Vint Cerf A.K.A  TFOI (the fathers of the Internet) .

okay to be continued … in the next post 

Mindset vs pleasing other people

3 Billion people living less than 2 dollar a day and 2 billion people less than a dollar. And you say you are not rich?

Just because you don’t see them, they do not exists. You do not see them because they are way way more poor than you are right now where they got no excess to medical and having a right food to eat.

Look at what you have and start to appreciate it. You have more then what it takes to become what you want in life. – Sani Salim


I have to get my thinking right. They say as the book tell us ,that you become the direct derivatives of the 5 people you hang out with. Are you hanging around people just talking about people? Or are you people talking about dreams,goals and plans? 


What it is to get the right mindset? Positiveness?We need to have the prophecies of the future. People who hold these belief think “they are the way they are” but that doesn’t not mean that they have less desire for a positive self-image than anyone else. In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them. They also believe that talent alone creates success without effort. They’re wrong. (Source:http://mindsetonline.com/whatisit/about/)  In layman term I think that is absurd! 

You need to grow your mindset. The growth of your mindset is important. Take this, people who are growing their mindset are people who developed through dedication and hard work,with brains and talent, they are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. 

Hear is the thing to overcome great and improved mindset you need to overcome all this factors.

  1. Challenges – STOP avoiding challenges. See for an average person mindset rather than risk failing and negatively impacting their self-image,they will often avoid challenges.
  2. Obstacles – DON’T GIVE UP! Same with obstacles.The difference here, as I see it,is that challenges are things that you can decide to do while obstacles are external. 
  3. Effort  – DUH. THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD. Most average minded people think it’s a hassle. What’s the point of working hard and making efforts if afterwards you are still on square one?If your worldview tells you that effort is an unpleasant thing that doesn’t really pay dividends. So you avoid it or you stop making an effort? NO! you continue!
  4. Criticism – STOP IGNORING USEFUL NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. A wise person will embrace it, a ‘not so wise’ person will take it emotionally. 
  5. Success of others – DO NOT FEEL THREATEN OF OTHER PEOPLE’S SUCCESS. The success of others is seen as a benchmark against which the person looks bad.Usually when others succeed,people with a Fixed Mindset will try to convince themselves and the people around them that the success was due to either luck (after all,almost everything is due to luck in the Fixed Mindset world)or objection able actions. In some cases,they will even try to tarnish the success of others by bringing up things that are completely unrelated(Yes,sounds familiar?)

I can assure you, I learn all these not in school but more in putting effort in my self development and the right books to read.Thanks for reading! 

Job? Puhleaseee

We are all self- made. But only the successful will admit it

– Earl Nightingale

Here is my introduction. I have been in the corporate world for awhile. two years to be exact, still am! And oohh boy, it’s a tough world.Here are some of my perspective on why you should not really get a job.

It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating university or any tertiary schools, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job.  But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  In fact, if you’re reasonably intelligent, getting a job is one of the worst things you can do to support yourself.  There are far better ways to make a living than selling yourself into indentured servitude. (In anyway if I may sound like a jerk to you I’m sorry but creating a REALITY CHECK  here.)


Do you realize how much time you are trading for money? I mean seriously. It’s the most inconvenient way to generate some income but really all I think is, it is income for dummies. Why? Because you only get paid when you’re working.  That is the problem right there.


Look at the environment around you.  Really look.  What do you see?  Are these the surroundings of a free human being?  Or are they living in a cage for unconscious minds? They are so fearful of the fact that if ‘I do not work money would not be generated’ attitude. Scary and see how powerful it is that somehow we became the slave to money.


Not just risky it is actually way too risky. Because many believe that job security is the number one thing that should be in the principle of life. My dad told me this, My grandparents too. Even my lifelong educators. Ever since in secondary school. Many employees believe getting a job is the safest and most secure way to support themselves.The idea that a job is the most secure way to generate income is just bizarre! You can’t have security if you don’t have control, and employees have the least control of anyone.

I’m so sorry if I sound like a snob. But as human we are to think freely.The worst of all that you will be facing is the thinking that you aren’t worth enough to make so much money. Thinking that you aren’t good enough to be seriously wealthy. That is all part of conditioning. That is totally ridiculous if you ask me. When god created us, we are born to be champions but because we are brainwashed by the society our desire to dream big just depletes.

Thus, you need courage. You need the ability to provide an enormous value to make an impact that people value you. You need control the money instead of the other way round. This all boils down to FEAR.

Fear is all the mother of evil. I wish you the very best. All you need is the courage and be a risk taker. The value that you rooted in yourself is the only thing that you need actually to express yourself. Deep deep down your heart you know getting a job is not what you really want. The next time someone says to you, “Get a job,” you know what to reply. 😉

It’s time!


Let’s do this!

Hi in the world of cyber, this is my first ever blog post to kick start about my life,my inspiration and my vision.Basically I want to share this blog with a whole lot of people out there that have the same mindset,same vision and definitely same interest.Be it to those who knows what to do in life, to those who are still doing a soul searching about themselves and to those looking for answers to save their life.

I’m not an expert or a qualified motivator. I’m here like everyone else. An ordinary person who lives in an average life. However, being in this state makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel that something in my life is missing. I have always live up to this principle ‘NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS’ .

Whatever content that I’m about to share are something that I have learn in a book or in the outside life through experiences. Take this blog as a welcoming page from me in inviting you to my house where you will get to know me better as person. They say words express a whole lot more about a person. 🙂

With that, regard me as Mimi as the author of this blog. I will plug in more social media networks that could get you and me connected. Goodbye for now.

Mimi Marlina
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